The Runeovex Secret by J. Glenn Bauer

The Runeovex Secret

A tale set in the ancient days of tribal Iberia.
Estimated page length: 146 pages.
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Interesting time period, well-written fiction to include how important new discoveries in weapon making were at the time.
Waiting for more from your pen.
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A gripping read, couldn't put it down. I read the whole book in two sittings, battles, romance and honour aplenty. Bring on the next one!
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What is it about?

They hunt the Runeovex Secret and are prepared to kill anyone to gain it.

The dreaded Celt overwhelm an Ilerget village in a night of violence, and Cullha, the son of a coward, must risk his life for those who despise him.

On a journey fraught with danger, Cullha and a small band of survivors flee across the wild lands of Iberia. Along the way, they meet a weaponsmith with a secret that can save their tribe from destruction. First, they must survive and reach their king.

This is a tale of men and women forced to battle nature, marauders and their own shortcomings. What secret can save the Ilerget from the warlike Celt? Can Cullha gain the trust of his clan? Which suitor will Elhana choose?

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