Rise of the Spears by J. Glenn Bauer

Rise of the Spears

A prequel to the popular Sons of Iberia series set during the 2nd Punic war fought between Carthage and Rome.

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"A great introduction to, what hopefully will be a new favorite. The characters develop well and quite believably. Bloody, intriguing and historically sound. Good work."
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"Another good book from this author a real page turner hard to put down once started as where the previous books would recommend."
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"Well written and well researched. A time in history which fascinates me. I can't wait to get started on the next novel of this series."
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What is it about?

A prequel to the popular Sons of Iberia series:

A fearsome new enemy invades the ancient lands of Iberia. An unblooded warrior sees his clan vanquished. A mother must kill to save her son.

With the death cries of his fellow villagers still ringing in his ears, Dubgetious is thrown into the world of foreign mercenaries fighting for Carthage.

Lyda, an accomplished warrior, vows to find her son and free him. With her small band of veteran Bastetani fighters, she infiltrates the ranks of Hamilcar’s army.

Dubgetious forges an unlikely friendship while Lyda’s plan leads to blood and chaos.

When an opportunity to defeat and kill Hamilcar arises, both Dubgetious and Lyda must choose between honor and kin.

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