Maharra, Sons of Iberia (Book 2) by J. Glenn Bauer

Maharra, Sons of Iberia (Book 2)

The second title in the popular Sons of Iberia series set during the 2nd Punic war fought between Carthage and Rome.
Estimated page length: 345 pages.
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"If you want constant action and some good characters then buy the book."
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"This is a great story,excitement on every page.This book is as good if not better than the previous book.This story is as you imagine life would have been during those times.Great book,great story great adventure."
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"I have loved the Sons of Iberia series so far, they certainly get better and better. Definitely worth a read."
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What is it about?

Blades drawn and arrows nocked, a seething mass of Volcae warriors howled and capered, determined to cut down every man that crossed the Rhone.

Tasked with persuading the warrior-like mountain tribes north of the Ebro river to allow Hannibal’s army to pass, Caros faces new challenges and dangers. He must use all his wits to negotiate treaties and quickly discovers others are inciting the tribes to resist Hannibal’s advance.

Battles between hardy mountain tribesmen. An encounter with a beautiful Oracle. Revenge against a traitor and a bloody battle against ferocious tribesmen on the Rhone. 

Maharra is the dramatic follow-on to bestselling Warhorn and ideal for fans of historical fiction who enjoy tales of the ancient past. 
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