Sons of Iberia eBoxset (Books 1 - 4)

Get the 1st four ebooks in this ongoing series and settle in for a thrilling journey into the ancient past.
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Warhorn, Sons of Iberia (Book 1)

"Best book I've read this year, brilliantly written, definitely worth a read!"
"An excellent introduction to an Iberian warrior..."

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Maharra, Sons of Iberia (Book 2)

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Gladius Winter, Sons of Iberia (Book 3)

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Howl of Blades, Sons of Iberia (Book 4)

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Rise of the Spears

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The Runeovex Secret

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About Me

Originally from Southern Africa, I now live onboard a small cabin cruiser in England. Having loved reading from when I was a young boy, I always wanted to be a writer and practiced the art of daydreaming and writing whenever possible.

Combining a vivid imagination and a fascination with ancient history, I began writing the Sons of Iberia series of historical fiction titles in 2012. 

The 5th and latest title, Broken Shields, will be available early 2020.